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Since I’ve been on but I’ve been pretty busy so you’ll have to understand. I’m in college full time for music education so I keep running out of time to post things. However, here I am! 

I have this one customer who has ordered a cake every weekend for the past month. Go figure. She orders the same one every time, so I’ve gotten pretty darn good at dark chocolate with chocolate chips and buttercream frosting. I’ve actually mastered it. H

This is the cake from two weeks ago… first birthday!!!



She ordered one 9″ round for the adults, and a 6″ round for the little munchkin to demolish 🙂 

And this is the cake from today that she ordered… Another birthday for her friend. I was messing around with the rose technique and it turned out pretty well. Have a look. 






I’ve also done some cupcakes, nothing for orders though just for a friend’s birthday and such. Not really worth taking pictures of, they were delicious looking as always! 


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Hellllloooo everyone! Today was the day I had to make a golf themed birthday cake for an 18 year old boy who just got diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. So sad 😦 But his sister is awesome, and hired me for the job!

They wanted a cake that could feed 30-40 people, so I made them a 12×18 sheet cake. It was marbled vanilla and chocolate, with a vanilla buttercream on top. It turned out amazingly. Take a look!

My first attempt at marble cake ever was absolutely perfect! So happy!



From there, since it was golf themed, I decided to go with a putting green with the 18th hole on one side and a golf ball on the other with the text in the middle. Here is the evolution. Enjoy!!!






Annnndddd finally… The moment we’ve all been waiting for… The final product!!!


The customer was happy! I wish I got to be there for the presentation which is happening today, which I can’t but everyone loves it so hopefully it tastes good.

Much love! Keep watch on Sunday for my next project… Three dozen cupcakes and a sphere cake. Oooooo 🙂


Is gonna be AWESOME!!! I have three orders, 2 for birthday cakes and one fit 3 dozen cupcakes.

I’m trying out some new stuff such as a sphere cake… For a basketball! And I’m gonna be working with marshmallow fondant to mold some golf balls and clubs.
New stuff every day… So excited!

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